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Those interested in submitting a course to American Psychotherapy Association may call or email Course Submissions at 800-205-9165 or for details.

For instructors interested in having continuing education credits available for their course, you will need to fill out the Faculty Guidelines and Checklist. You may fax this form to 417-823-9959.

If you need help creating a study guide for your course, please feel free to use this study guide template as a guide.

Click here to download the template.

A Module is a focused, independent unit of study consisting of at least 50 minutes of real-time presentation or 4,000 words of content (not including title, abstract, learning objectives, etc.). A Module can be thought of as a 50-minute class period. Learning for a module is assessed by 5-10 test questions.

ACFEI will remunerate an author of a module with a flat payment of $500 upon final approval of submitted materials or 15% royalties on all sales for said module.

Please see the proposal section of the Curriculum Submission Manual for all module requirements.

Here is the list of items necessary for all online courses:

  • Course
  • Course title
  • Exam and answer key
  • Learning objectives (3 or 4 learning objectives for a 4 hour program, 5-6 learning objectives for a 7 to 8 hour course)
  • Target audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Advanced preparation
  • Program level
  • What is the purpose of the course?
  • What specific knowledge, skills, and abilities do you want graduates to demonstrate?
  • Why are these skills, knowledge, and abilities relevant and important?
  • How does obtaining these skills, knowledge, and abilities make a person faster, better, cheaper, safer, etc?
  • Was a job task analysis done? If so, how does this course achieve that goal? If not, what are you trying to achieve?
  • Short bio-for advertising the course
  • Disclosure Form
  • Current Resume/Vitae