Member Comments

"Psychotherapy has become an endangered species, devalued and de-professionalized in our society. The American Psychotherapy Association dedicates its resources to uplifting this healing art form to the status it deserves. As a professional organization it strives to protect psychotherapy from the multitude of forces currently hostile to its development."

-James F. Zender, PhD, FAPA

"I am sending a brief note to share some good news with the Board.  I have just accepted a new position as Lead Therapist for Hoyleton Youth and Family Services. I will be leading the psychotherapy team working with families at risk.
I share this news because my diplomate status and BCPC credentials were certainly part of the attractiveness of my portfolio to this agency. They demonstrated that I had attained significant credentials post education and licensure.

Know that I consider this success to be not only mine but also a success for the American Psychotherapy Association. I am looking forward to continuing to be part of the American Psychotherapy Association as a member, diplomate and in service as an advisory board member."

-Robby Giunta, DAPA

Courtesy of Dr. Robert L. O'Block, Founder, Publisher, and CEO