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How do I take an online course?

  • Read a continuing education article.
  • Complete the exam. Be sure to answer all questions and to give only one response per question unless otherwise stated in the question. Unanswered questions will be considered as incorrect.
  • Complete the evaluation form. The evaluation form is at the end of the exam. Be sure to complete it after the exam questions.
  • Submit exam, evaluation, and payment.
    Continuing Education exams are taken on-line. For CE opportunities requiring payment the examinee will be prompted to enter their credit card information through the CE website. The CE website will prompt the examinee on printing a receipt for the transaction. Save these for your records as many employers will reimburse for continuing education.
  • Credits. Each completed course will earn the number of continuing education credits listed on the activity. If the exam is passed and the course evaluation completed a certificate of completion for the listed continuing education credit will be given electronically to the examinee. The credits will also be added to member information. Participants will receive two opportunities to pass the exam. Any questions, grievances or comments can be directed to the CE Department by telephone at toll free (800)205-9165, or by fax (417)823-9959, by e-mail.
  • Continuing Education Requirements for Recertification:

    The American Psychotherapy Association (APA) requires all certification holders to remain in good standing by being current with maintenance fees or membership dues.

    The American Psychotherapy Association (APA) requires certification holders to acquire 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit per the 3 year recertification period. This period begins the year after certification is obtained as no CEs are necessary the year the certification is obtained.

    See CE guide for a list applicable CE opportunities and documentation requirements.
  • Policy on Privacy & Confidentiality: The American Psychotherapy Association agrees to retain all personal and professional information pertaining to any of its members as confidential and not to use said information on the company's behalf or disclose same to any third party at any time. Specifically, American Psychotherapy Association agrees not to disclose, in any form, directly or indirectly, any information of any kind, nature, or description concerning any matter relating to the business or personal life of any American Psychotherapy Association member without the express approval of the member in question. The American Psychotherapy Association acknowledges that the requirement not to disclose confidential information applies both during membership and after the termination of membership.
  • Copyright of the CE activities found on the American Psychotherapy Association website remain with the American Psychotherapy Association. The opinions and conclusions expressed in the content of these activities are not necessarily the opinions and conclusions of the American Psychotherapy Association. All authors and instructors of the American Psychotherapy Association Continuing Education are charged with obtaining the appropriate permission and documentation for research included or cited within the activities.
  • If you would like to submit an article for publication in the Annals or submit an online self-study article, you may contact the editor by e-mail or toll free 800-205-9165. We accept articles on all aspects of psychotherapy.
  • Technical assistance is available by contacting the web administrator by e-mail.