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Name: Nicholas V. Tornatore, Ph.D., LMHC, PC 
Dr. Tornatore is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been in private practice for thirty years. His specialty is individual, marriage and family therapy. His counseling philosophy is that every individual must achieve self-realization and unity in their lifetime. Please go to my website to see resume, memberships, and guestbook.

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Board Certified Professional Counselor, Certified Relationship Specialist, Fellow, Master Therapist, Diplomate 


Name: Saint John's Whole Life Institute 
Saint John's Whole Life Institute, Inc is a non profit Holistic Clinic and School of Integrative Medicine. We offer Spiritual, Grief, Anxiety and Depression Counseling.

Dr. John T. Harris IV, PhD
518 Greene Ave
Green Bay, WI. 54301
(920) 445-0404
(888) 998-0404


Name: Bernstein Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy 
Dr. Peter M. Bernstein, PhD, DAPA, MFT, CMT, is founder and director of the Bernstein Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, Petaluma, CA. Dr. Bernstein has pioneered combining two proven treatments for pain – Reichian psychotherapy and myofascial release physical therapy – where the focus is on healing the whole person emotionally and physically. Part of the uniqueness to this therapy is the team approach, where two to three certified practitioners assist Dr. Bernstein with the bodywork. Additionally, the Institute offers other modes of therapy including Relationship Counseling, Parent-Child Counseling, Family Reconciliation, Group Therapy, a Bilingual Program and a Women’s Program.


Name: The Herbal Sleuth 
The Herbal Sleuth web site is dedicated to bringing you the unique perspective of advanced training in both traditional and complementary approaches to personal health. 


Name: Applied Behavioral Health Care 
Bill Ronan is a State Licensed Psychotherapist, (LICSW) Practitioner of Medical Hypnoanalysis. Medical Hypnoanalysis allows you to contact the subconscious mind to go back to the moment in time a way of thinking, belief, behavior or action was learned and to alter it if you so wish. 


Name: STAR Family Therapy Associates of Alexandria, Inc. 
STAR is a comprehensive outpatient program dedicated to the identification, treatment and recovery from sexual addiction, sexual anorexia, codependency, internet pornography, and love/relationship addiction. 


Name: Kool Solutions Counseling 
Tammy D'ree Koolbeck has been in the counseling profession for nearly 10 years and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She attained her LPC license after receiving state board certification from the state of Texas. There are rigorous standards that an LPC must uphold, assuring clients that they will receive the best counseling possible. 


Name: Saint Martin's College 
St. Martin's College and Seminary is an interdenominational institution of higher education which serves the educational needs of ministers and Christian professionals across many denominations. 


Name: Reach Clinic 
R.E.A.C.H., Inc. is a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Counselors at R.E.A.C.H. are sensitive to personal, social, and religious backgrounds and values. We foster spiritual growth in self-esteem, psychological well being in emotional difficulties and dignity in a person's relationships, work and living in the community. An individual treatment plan for chemical dependence is developed for each resident. 


Name: Debby Hirschhorn, Ph.D. Website 
Debby Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

Marriage Counseling, Verbal Abuse, Relationship Advice, Emotional Abuse, Family Counseling, Substance Abuse, Online Counseling, Nationwide Phone Counseling, South Florida Counseling, with Dr. Debby Schwarz Hirschhorn, PhD 


Name: Progressive Awareness, Inc. 
Dr. Eldon Taylor

Products and services that provide the mental training and facilitate the implementation of mental discipline will be in high demand for the immediate and foreseeable future. This is the business of Progressive Awareness. 


Name: Psycho-Educational Services 
Psycho-Educational Services are provided by Dr. Randall G. Hansen, Licensed Educational Psychologist, license # LEP 2024. Dr. Hansen is licensed by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences and received his Ph.D. in Clinical / School Psychology from Walden University in 1992.  


Name: Dr. Mark Hillman Website 
Mark Hillman is an international trainer, author, lecturer and psychotherapist specializing in individual, marriage and family therapy in addition to offering personal coaching, executive coaching, corporate training and organizational development. He is also a keynote speaker and offers training seminars and lectures that address the issues of success, goal setting, mentoring, increasing profitability, maximizing potential, enhancing customer service and strategic planning. 


Name: Companions In Healing 
Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP

Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP, offers resources to helping and healing professionals, particularly those interested in personal and professional development.

This site includes a variety of articles on trauma, addiction, experiential psychotherapy, creative marketing and other topics; training and personal development programs; the opportunity to subscribe to a free monthly e-mail newsletter, Whole Person Practice, for helping and healing professionals; and a directory of holistic professionals and businesses in southeastern Wisconsin.

Also available to order: "Whole Person Marketing," a manual on marketing and practice building for holistic professionals. 


Name: Loving Baby, Inc. 
Katarina Rozakis-Trani, LCSW, DAPA

As a licensed clinical social worker in private practice, Katerina is committed to helping individuals achieve emotional well-being. She has been a member of the National Association of Social Workers for over seventeen years and holds a certification with the Academy of Certified Social Workers. She is a Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy with the American Psychotherapy Association. Currently, she is working toward a Ph.D in Natural Health Sciences.



Name: Gestalt Institute of New Orleans and New York 
Anne Teachworth

The Gestalt Institute of New Orleans was founded in 1975 by Anne Teachworth, Director, Certified Gestalt Counselor, Certified Psychogenetic Coach, and Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association. 


Name: International Council of Integrative Medicine 
ICIM is a non-sectarian non-profit charitable institution whose mission embraces mainstream medicine, holistic health technologies and ethical standards for health care.  


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