Certified in the Psychology of Terrorists, CPTSM

The Psychology of Terrorists: 4 types is a training course that uses a clinical, psychoanalytical, and social psychology framework for studying terrorist groups and individuals, terrorist origins, goals, dynamics, ideologies, counterterrorism, and homeland security. Work in this course involves examination of the structure and dynamics of terrorists in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Terrorist strategies and tactics, the hot spots from which they evolve, the ways in which they operate, the use of the media, and theories of counterterrorism or negotiations are all covered. The history of terrorism, as well as its present and future forms are indicated. Participants will review definitions and typologies of terrorism, analyze specific concepts in context, and listen to recorded discussion and thoughts about terrorism.

Participants will look at various terrorist individuals and groups to demonstrate abilities and capabilities to research a terrorist problem, profile, or scenario in-depth, and argue for an effective counterterrorism policy or negotiations strategy.

Those who wish to achieve the designation Certified in the Psychology of Terrorists, CPTSM should:

  1. Have a master’s degree in psychology or a related mental health field*
  2. Have three years of experience in mental health
  3. Have a professional license (if required in your jurisdiction to practice)
  4. Successfully complete and pass the Psychology of Terrorists: 4 types training course and examination.

*Applicants who have obtained their education outside of the United States and its territories must have their highest academic degree(s) validated as equivalent to a Master’s or Doctorate degree conferred by an accredited college or university in the United States.

Those who do not meet the requirements for the credential will receive a certificate of completion for successfully completing and passing the Psychology of Terrorists: 4 types training course and examination.
About the course Instructor

Born in the United States of America, Dr. Hamden has diverse cross-cultural services in clinical, forensic, educational, organizational, and international consultation. His extensive list of achievements include (by invitation): presenting before the U.S. Senate and publishing  an article for US House of Representatives, appearing as an expert in international media, and facilitating training and development programs.

Dr. Hamden earned a PhD in psychology and continued post-graduate studies in modern psychoanalysis, and in1986 was a Visiting Fellow in Political Psychology.  He earned credentials as Certified Medical Investigator - V, Certified in Homeland Security -V, Certified Forensic Consultant, Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI), and Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association. He is currently vice-chair of the ACFEI’s American Board of Psychological Specialties.

To learn more about the Certified in the Psychology of Terrorist program, call toll free at (800) 205-9165, or send an e-mail inquiry.


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