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About the American Psychotherapy Association

The American Psychotherapy Association (APA) was formed to provide credentialing, standards of practice, professional identity, and self-regulation for the psychotherapy profession.

The American Psychotherapy Association's goal is to improve the public perception of psychotherapy. In recent years, the psychotherapeutic process has been devalued by insurance companies, the court system, and other professional membership associations. The APA promotes the field of psychotherapy and those professionals who are committed to the practice. APA encourages individual professional growth and works to elevate professional standards for practicing psychotherapy.

The purpose of APA is to establish a cohesive national organization that credentials ethical, highly-educated and well-trained psychotherapists. The APA provides members with opportunities to associate with one another. The common goal of APA members is to maintain a tradition which is of great value to individuals and society as a whole.

About PsychotherapyThe American Psychotherapy Association is concerned with establishing guidelines, promoting education and training, confirming the professional identity of the members, educating the public about the benefits of psychotherapy, and providing networking and resource development.

The American Psychotherapy Association (APA) does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant the credentials, work, or opinions of any individual member. Membership in APA does not constitute the grant of a license or other licensing authority by or on behalf of the organization as to a member’s qualifications, abilities, or expertise. The publications and activities of APA are solely for informative and educational purposes with respect to its members. The opinions and views expressed by the authors, publishers, or presenters are their sole and separate views and opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of the APA, nor does the APA adopt such opinions or views as its own. APA disclaims, and does not assume any responsibility or liability with respect to the opinions, views, and factual statements of such authors, publishers, or presenters, not with respect to any actions, qualifications, or representations of its members or subscribers efforts in connection with the application or utilization of any information, suggestions, or recommendations made by APA, or any of its boards or committees, or publications, resources, or activities thereof.


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